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Conversion Lessons & Ceremony

While each person pursues a unique path to conversion, there are some similarities to the general process.

First, you will study with Reb Deb for a year or more. She requires regular meetings, attendance at Congregation Or Ha Lev’s adult education classes and readings about Jewish history, holidays, and practice. She also asks you to engage in Jewish customs, rituals, prayers, and holidays on a regular basis. This includes attending religious services on a regular basis.

When you both agree that you are ready, Reb Deb will schedule conversion rituals, which include meeting with a beit din (court of three knowledgeable Jews, typically rabbis); a hatafat dam berit (symbolic conversion) for men and boys; and the mikvah ceremony, which will be under her direct supervision. Immersion in a mikvah is the final act of conversion, which requires a witness. A certificate of conversion, with your new Hebrew name, is issued upon completion of the conversion process.

For further questions and a more complete discussion of the process of conversion, please email me.

Fee for this service:


Studying: $90 per session

Ceremony: Please discuss.

Add a cantorial soloist to any of the services: $200.

Members of Or Ha Lev receive a 10% discount off life cycle services.

“Deb, Thanks for all you do! You give many people a connection to Judaism which is comfortable and spiritual. This connection is needed and desired – and you are there to provide and guide.”

G.S., Morris County, NJ

“Thank you for all the classes you teach, for your support and inspiration as I continue to follow my Jewish journey. I will always count you among the most influential people in my life.”

R.S. (adult learner), New York State

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