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Inspirational Storytelling

Rabbi Deb has also received Smicha (Ordination) as a Maggidah, Jewish Transformational Storyteller and Guide. As reported in The New Jersey Jewish News/Times of Israel, she completed a two-year program through the Transformational Storytelling Training Program, directed by Maggid Jim Brule.

Rabbi Deb is available to provide storytelling programs and presentations for synagogues groups, other faith groups, as well as for religious schools, and for civic, community, and religious organizations.

Rabbi Deb is currently contributing to the storytelling profession in a unique way. Using her expertise and long-time experience as an ethicist and ethics educator, she has created a Professional Code of Ethics for Storytellers.


A Maggidah’s Prayer – A Storyteller’s Prayer

By Rabbi Debra Smith

Source of All Life!

Bless me as I share my holy stories.

May I discern the best words and the right feelings to give the truest telling.

May I share my tales and teachings in a respectful, responsible and ethical way.

May I always honor the diversity of all present.

Please grant me the gift of an open heart so that

I may share my tales with sensitivity and listen with

An open heart and mind to the responses of others.

May I never forget that the transmission of these tales

Is a sacred act intended to better all lives

And to bring a piece of heaven down to us on earth.

May it be so! Keyn y’hi ratzon.


19 Tammuz 5778 – July 2, 2018

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